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<Other than Saturday and Saturday> Carthago set

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Available days for reservation
Monday - Thursday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

Course menu

■ Scholba / Bill-Hodar

(Tusinian style spicy spicy vegetable soup)

■ Tuna colored tuna salad

■ Brick

(Tunisian style big fried chicken)

■ Please choose from the following two types of main dish.

Couscous and chicken taddin (stew)


Couscous and beef taddin (stew)

■ Today's Arabian Desert and Mint Tea

"All-you-can-drink plan" 90 minutes (LO 15 minutes ago)

¥ 2,000 per person (tax not included) We will visit from 8 people.

It is possible to extend for 30 minutes at + 500 yen (excluding tax).

2017/07/25 update